• Fuel your digital company with the power of a media house



    Every day, millions of people watch movies, follow sports or listen to music through our MTG products. This means that we are in an unrivalled position of, together with you, creating winning user experiences and expanding into new markets. 




    We love entertainment and are looking to partner up with startups in various stages within online entertainment. Our program helps you grow by leveraging MTG’s international reach, audience, ad sales, and content across our more than 35 operating countries. We provide resources from all parts of our business in order to get a commercial partnership off the ground.





    Entertainment focus

    We select three top online media companies to join our MediaFactory program and work closely with one product category each.

    Media power

    Your company will get access to our strongest media channels in a well-defined commercial project over three months.


    The program includes customized coaching, industry networking, and $50,000 in convertible notes with no minimum equity.


    We are looking for ambitious startups that we can work with commercially.

    We will leverage our media assets and take your product to market in our intensive partnership program.

    You will work together with brands from Viaplay, Play or Ventures to deliver a commercial partnership during the 3 months program.


    Benefit from our major contents rights. We also have 28 production companies across 16 countries that are creating compelling contents for our viewers everyday.

    Media mentors

    Dedicated experts from the online media, music and TV industry are here to support you along the way. They will be your key to the rest of the industry and our organization.


    We can help you reach a global audience through our Free and Pay TV operations.

    We have millions of viewers across 38  countries plus creative TV and online sales networks in 10 of them.


    We are looking to partner with startups who are building their companies on one of the values below.

    All applicants should have a combination of video, social, mobile and monetization.

    Either you're just in the beginning of building up your company, or you have a clear vision of how you will take it further. 

    Have fun

    New tech to create fun and engaging experiences around eSport to be used in the Viagame House Cup

    Do good

    Using influencers to support and build ambassadors for social causes for our Reach for Change program

    Push forward

    The future of video includes VR and Augmented Reality. We need tech to take this into the mainstream.


    We're eagerly awaiting your amazing application for MTGx MediaFactory 2015. Please send us a short description of your business idea using the form below. We know you're all very busy so rather than making you upload lots of material here we want you to share links instead. If you want to hack a demo, shoot a two hour movie or sing a song be our guest, just drop the link in the form.


    Good luck!


    Our mentors are media industry veterans with practical knowledge and global market insights.

    We speak your language because most of our mentors are former entrepreneurs themselves.

    Apply to be a mentor

    Carl Johannisson

    Project Manager MTGx
    Strategy development, project, innovation management

    Arnd Benninghoff

    CEO Play & Ventures


    M&A, Startups, Media

    Vigor Sörman


    Entrepreneur, Influencer Marketing, Get-things-done

    Jessica Andersson

    Content Project Manager MTGx

    Product development, User experience, Strategic partnerships

    Lina Bronéus

    COO Content

    MTGx & Viaplay

    Content acquisition, Partnerships

    Alexander Leppänen

    Investment Manager MTGx

    Startups, Investments, Trendspotting

    Markus Thortsvedt

    Chief Product Officer MTGx & Viaplay

    Product management, Mobile tech & content

    Mikael Jakobson

    Head of Corp. Dev.


    Financial Analysis, Business strategy


    We're proud to present the companies we selected in MediaFactory 2014.


    Mobcrush, based in Los Angeles, is a mobile video streaming company that enables mobile users to broadcast, watch and chat about games played and streamed in real-time. Mobcrush teamed up with Viagame, our e-Sports platform.


    Sharewall, based in Copenhagen and London, is using social sharing as a currency. Through the service you can share content through your social network and continue to read the content for free. A fair deal that everybody understands.


    Vadio, based in Los Angeles, is currently working on a development project with an MTGx company to create a social video experience. Vadio turns listeners into viewers by evolving traditional audio streams into rich media viewing experiences for both established and emerging media companies.

  • About Us

    MTGx MediaFactory is a startup partnership program. As a global media house, we work with startups from all over the world. We are excited about localized market deployment as much as we are about media platform transformation. We support communities as mentors or partners. We're building up a network of leading accelerators in both well established and emerging start up communities. A few of our closest partners include Runway in San Francisco, SeedCamp in London, SUP46 in Stockholm and Launchub in Bulgaria.


    Our parent company, MTG, has revolutionized the TV industry in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, and delivered over 25 years of growth. We continue to follow the path of constant innovation, and are now working hard on building the entertainment services of tomorrow. Through MTGx, we are working with change makers through crowd sourcing programs like Zeeland and MediaFactory. 


    Here are some of the awesome startups and accelerators we've invested or partnered with so far!




    San Francisco




    San Fransicso






    AVOD sales


    YouTube MCN

  • FAQ

    Still unclear? Contact us using the form below!


    Q: In what way does MTGxMediaFactory differ from other corporate accelerators?

    We are focused on together with startups, ship products to break into the media marketplace. We accomplish this by partnering with startups in various stages, to get the traction required before raising the first round of VC funding.


    Q What does MediaFactory bring to the table?

    We bring a team of mentors to help you execute a commercial partnership, a wide variety of expertise from the media industry, access to our content assets, and an optional investment to grow your business. 


    Q Does MediaFactory take an equity stake in the companies they chose to work with?

    The companies we invest in will each receive $50,000 with no minimum percentage of equity but a discount on next round of 20%. If you have an open note or round we just become another investor. The goal of the program is to maximize the success of our commercial partnership.

    Q: Do I still own my IP after taking part of the MediaFactory program?

    Yes, you retain your intellectual property before, during, and after the program. 


    Q: What type of startups does the program focus on?

    We focus on dedicated areas of business relating to the three internal products we chose to work with for the coming batch. The areas relating to these product categories are online video/music, ad tech, ux, social, entertainment industries.


    Q: How do you select the startups to join your program?

    The startups are valued on basis of the business proposal submitted to the program which will be reviewed by respectively business owner. The companies will be reviewed with an eye to where MTG can provide maximum value through our operations in the industry, and where we see high growth potential in the business model of the companies.